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Don't Let Them Drown
Judah Brown Project
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Don't Let Them Drown
Teaching Parents, Teachers and Children About Water Safety
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Don't Let Them Drown
Survival Swim

Providing Scholarships for Lifesaving Lessons

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Don't Let Them Drown
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Our Vision

The vision of Judah Brown Project is that every child in the United States will be able to learn the skills they need to keep them safer from drowning and that every parent will have access to both education on water safety and the programs that will provide life saving skills to their children, without financial or physical barriers to that access.

Our Mission

Our mission at JBP is to provide funding for survival swim instruction for children 6 years and under whose parents cannot afford the lessons otherwise, to provide CPR/First Aid and AED certification for individuals 8 years and older and to provide other life saving education to families to help prevent children from drowning.

Our Core Values

Interested in Training?

Judah Brown Project has training for various age groups! For an example of our available training, watch the video below. If you are interested in training, choose the Training item in the main menu above!

How We Help


With generous donations from our supporters, we provide funding for infant and toddler survival skills swim training and CPR certification classes for parents of young children. As we grow, our goal is to provide as many low-cost or no-cost classes to those in our community who need it as possible.


We work to ensure that our website, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Facebook presence are valuable sources of information about childhood drowning prevention.  We attend expos, festivals, openings and various other venues to have the opportunity to inform families about water safety.


Many families are never told that drowning is the leading cause of death for children ages 1-4. We provide informational literature to peditricians to share with families to educate them about drowning so their child doesn’t become a victim. We provide informational literature to families, pediatricians, caregivers, city officials, safety advocacy groups, and schools, as well as offering in person and online trainings for each of these groups

Our Campaigns

Announcing Our Safer Pools Initiative

We are excited to announce the introduction of our Safer Pools Initiative by which companies can sponsor a child to receive a Survival Swim scholarship. For more information, click the button below.

How You Can Help

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Our Director

Portrait of Christi Brown

Christi Brown

Judah’s Momma and Executive Director

Christi is Judah’s Momma and our Executive Director. She is committed to Judah Brown’s mission to break down the barriers that stop children from receiving the training that they need to keep themselves safer around water, raise awareness through educational programs, advocacy initiatives and campaigns that will educate children, parents, professionals and lawmakers and influence them in making necessary changes to society that will create a dramatic decrease in the rate of childhood drowning. Christi does all she can to make sure no other child has to die from drowning and no other parent has to live the nightmare of losing their child to drowning.

Our Special Thanks to our Top Partners

Thank You To All Of Our Partners

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