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Our Purpose

We provide funding for survival swim instruction for children 6 years and under, CPR/First Aid and AED certification for individuals 8 years and up, and other lifesaving education to families to help prevent children from drowning.

Our Team

Making Judah Brown Project Successful

Portrait of Christi Brown

Christi Brown

Judah’s Momma
Educational, Outreach and Advocacy Director

Christi is our Education, Outreach and Advocacy Director. Christi is committed to raising awareness through educational programs, advocacy initiatives and campaigns that will educate children, parents, professionals and lawmakers and influence them in making necessary changes to society that will create a dramatic decrease in the rate of childhood drowning. Christi does all she can to make sure no other child has to die from drowning and no other parent has to live the nightmare of losing their child to drowning.

Headshot of Annette

Annette Courtney

JBP Founder
Fundraising Director, Coordinator of our Survival Swim, Memorial and CPR programs

Annette is an advocate for children and was Judah’s preschool teacher. She founded the Judah Brown Project in his honor and now co-runs the foundation, along with Christi. Annette does all she can through innovative fund raising strategies, to provide for and oversee scholarships for life-saving survival swim lessons for children whose parents can’t afford them, she seeks out funding for and coordinates CPR classes for parents and caregivers, and she coordinates our program for families who have lost a child to drowning. Annette gives her whole heart to the protection of children just like Judah everyday..

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