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Amanda Jackman

Our son was 2.5 at the time of his accident. He had a Puddle jumper on in the water within an hour or 2 of finding him face down at the bottom of the pool.

The accident  happened at a family get together with 8 adults outside at the time. He was dressed into his non swim clothes, ate dinner and was waiting on dessert when he snuck off undetected. He was unaccounted for 2 minutes total.

CPR was started immediately after pulling his lifeless body out of the pool. We got him breathing as ems arrived.  He was intubated for a week and had in patient rehab for a week. It is a miracle that he ran out of the hospital fully recovered 2 weeks after his accident. 

All of our children have now done 3 rounds of ISR. Our son is 4.5 today.