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April Johnson Page

My 10-year-old daughter who was 2-3 at the time had been swimming with us at my parent’s pool. It was getting late so we took her out of the pool, and took her puddle jumper off with the intention of going inside the house right away. Our older kiddos decided we needed to judge their dives before we went inside for the evening. We were watching their dives and a few moments had passed (the time it takes for 2 dives) and one of our older children asked “Why is Caroline’s hat floating in the water”. I knew in that split second what that meant. We pulled her from the water and she took the deepest breath. She had not obviously been under long at all and she started talking like nothing had happened. It taught us all a lesson. As a mom and ER nurse, it was a kick in the gut to what I had allowed to happen. We made new rules that night for when we are around water and we made the decision to find an ISR program in our community.

Thank you for your educating and advocating in the way that you do. It no doubt is and will continue to save lives.