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"I jumped in and grabbed her as quick as I could. She appeared to be breathing. She immediately coughed up water and then a few seconds later, threw up a lot more water. She started crying for Mommy again which was the greatest cry I could ever hear. We had no idea how long she was in the pool, but we were able to obtain security footage and she was drowning for 48 seconds. This is an eternity for a toddler to be in the water without the ability to swim."

Child sitting by pool with puddle jumper on.

Brianna Smith

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t use these! We are fortunate enough to still have our sweet girl with us, but almost...

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Julie Martin Gause

"I was witnessing the fact that his muscle memory had gone vertical by wearing the puddle jumper. I had to work with him for some time to be able to get his legs back up behind him so that he could swim. I was just shocked! Anyone doesn’t believe these things cause muscle memory to go vertical they do!! Even in a swimming child."

Caroline Barnhill Bonds

We were swimming at my uncle’s house and my daughter was 3 at the time. She had been wearing a...

Boy in pool drowning

April Johnson Page

"As a mom and ER nurse, it was a kick in the gut to what I had allowed to happen. We made new rules that night for when we are around water and we made the decision to find an ISR program in our community."

Holly Sherwood

I have a backyard pool and we enjoy sharing with friends. I can now point out kids who wore puddle...

Brianna Riggs

"I looked at my son who is 4-years-old and he was jumping in the pool without anything on. He almost starts to sink.  I could barely get anything out before my husband jumped in after him. He thought he could just get in and take off without anything on and he was so scared. Thank goodness we were by his side and could get to him!"

Boy in pool drowning

Jennifer Kraft

"He was found on the bottom of the pool and was considered dead for 8 minutes. He was resuscitated and is now 24 but it could’ve been his last day all for the sake of one swim. When asked about it after I was told he said “I thought I could float”"

Halle Frances Quezada Rasmussen

"As he put down the towels and went in the bag for sunscreen his child ran straight into the water and jumped in, submerging. Luckily, we noticed, but it felt like an eternity to get to him. "

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Ashley Jaggers

About a month ago while at Iberia Lake we took my 4-year-old’s puddle jumper off, to dry off and leave....