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Monika Valencia

"He said sure enough he witnessed a child return to the pool without the device! No one saw this child drowning but him! He rushed over to save the child's life! He returned the child to the unknowing family! "

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Andrea Morelock

Before we did ISR my son was one or two. We had used a puddle jumper at the lake. Later...

Charla Dabney Jenkins

"...I could reach in and grab him by the back of his swim shirt, but he completely panicked because he expected to float! He had no idea what to do. It was terrifying for him and all of us who witnessed it..."

Chelsea Harding

My daughter wore one.  She was 2.5 at the time. I took it off so she could go potty, and...

Ashley Ledford

"...my son went and jumped back into the pool while we were packing up our bags. It was so scary. He almost drowned. The puddle jumper was off of him when he jumped in."

Boy in pool drowning

Moni Dom

"I asked why he went in and he said he forgot he wasn’t wearing it. Scared us both tremendously."

Kate Gray

"My oldest said “He's drowning” and I turned around to see him struggling to keep his head up. He told me he was trying to get to the other side for his water shoes."

Lee O’Brien

PEDS ICU nurse for 30 years. I agree use a vest for open water. Otherwise teach them to swim. Practice...

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Lacy Moore

I used one with my middle. She went into a vertical position. Now she swims better and better every time...

Sharon Marie

This is my opinion but I feel as if the puddle jumper has made my 2 almost 3 year old...