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Child sitting by pool with puddle jumper on.

Francie Leaghann

" to be at the beach. She has jumped into the shallow end right in front of me forgetting she wasn't wearing her swimming vest or water wings."

Shelly Sims

Shelly Sims-My son did this! I was lucky and with God that I made it to him and still don’t...

Holly Nicodemus

"...I find this so ironic that I came across this today because my almost 3 year old son wore his puddle jumper for the first time this past weekend and he told me today “I know how to swim by myself!” It scared me to death..."

Bailey Jean Middlebrook

I watched it happen at my dads during a pool party!! Little boy, about 4 years old jumped into the...

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Laura Bosi Sturdivant

My son Brooks in May 2019, he was 3 years old. He has been doing ISR since he was 15...

Jennifer Pingel

My 3 year old tonight asked his older cousin to take off his puddle jumper. He’s like NO you have...

Nancy Richardson

"Mom got the kids out of the pool to go and turned her back on the little guy, he forgot he didn't have floaties on and jumped into the deep end."

Firefighter Saves Son From Drowning After Son Takes Off Flotation Device (Video)

A toddler is standing on the deck of his backyard pool. He wants to go for a swim, so he takes off...

Ezra and Buddies Facebook Page

"I went to get their nanny and happened to be with one of the twins then heard a scream.  Ezra, was face down in the pool"

Carla Mattingly

I’m grateful for my mom. Sam is 14 now, but at her second birthday, Sam took it upon herself to...