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Rachel Valice

"Not even a couple hours later he tried jumping in the pool (without a puddle jumper) and sank down..."

Boy in pool drowning

Lauren Holcomb

Just a few days after tossing my son’s puddle jumper away, he got into the pool and went completely vertical...

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Margie Cleere

It’s one of my most vivid memories. I went to the water without my flotation device when I was as...

Alyssa Bourgeious

My 2 year old went in without his puddle jumper. We took it off to dry him off, and he...

Brandi Stoll

On July 31st, it was just a normal Saturday for us with cleaning, laundry, playing and having friends over kinda...

Child sitting by pool with puddle jumper on.

Crystal Brummond

Crystal Brummond- My daughter wore a puddle jumper weeks before she had a non-fatal drowning. Before I knew that I...

Cameron Seale

"Xander has since mentioned multiple times how he thought he still had his floaties on, how he would have never jumped in if he knew he didn’t.  The puddle jumpers gave him confidence to do things he couldn’t quite do yet and the muscle memory in the vertical position, which is drowning position. "

Kelly Fowler

"However, after this incident we finally began really researching what we needed to do in order to keep them safe. Still, it took months for me to find that puddle jumpers were a big reason for my children falsely believing they could swim. "

Amanda Jackman

Our son was 2.5 at the time of his accident. He had a Puddle jumper on in the water within...

Kimberly Bianche

"  I had no clue that this device put my daughter in a position in the water that made her sink faster.😞  I will help and do anything to help not have these devices on the market!  Let me know how I can help?!?!"