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Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Courtney Fancher

"...one day she came out of the water for a round of sunscreen and forgot to put her life jacket back on."

Boy in pool drowning

Katherine Rodgers

We used puddle jumpers with my oldest. We didn’t know any better. It gave him false confidence in the water...

Heaven Cole

"June 11th 2022 Bodhi decided he absolutely had to go swimming. He broke out of my parents house to get to the pool, he thought he could swim. He got into the pool just like he would in this device feet down. Bodhi sunk right to the bottom...."

Child sitting by pool with puddle jumper on.

Katie Yev-Anastasia

Katie Yev-Anastasia jumped in when she was around 4 not realizing she didn’t have the floaty on. Luckily we were...

Emily Tiemann

He didn’t realize he wasn’t wearing his puddle jumper and jumped right on in with the other kids who were calling him in.  He went straight to the bottom in the vertical position.

Anna Baranowski

Kason did this last week. He had his puddle jumper on and slipped it off an jumped right in all...

Danielle Saxon

One time was on vacation after I’d removed his puddle jumper. I closed my eyes for a second to rinse the chlorine out of my hair and he ran from my side and jumped in.

Child sitting by pool with puddle jumper on.

Victoria Salais

We were attending a friend’s birthday party at a private residence. My son, who was 4, took off his life...

Boy in pool drowning

Cameron Seale

I never dreamed he would have jumped in on his own. He has since told me he thought he still had his floaties on. He had developed the muscle memory for the drowning position. That and the false sense of confidence the floaties gave him are the reason we no longer use any type of device and we are always in the water with the kids. I take full responsibility for having such confidence that these devices to keep my children safe. Hindsight is 20/20. We are very lucky and blessed we still have him and he is 100% injury free. Not many like us get a second chance.

Puddle Jumpers/Water Wings lying by the side of a pool

Julie Wall

We had a very close call after having taken off my 3-yr-old’s puddle jumper so she could have a snack...