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Jean Pearson, ISR Instructor

Today these two cuties both fell off of our dock, fully clothed, cowboy boots and bike helmets and all. They...

Mom holding toddler in pool

Amy Brittan

I was paralyzed with fear, unable to move. At that instant, I was consumed by thoughts of my daughter being stung by the multitude of jelly fish. It seemed like hours before she popped up to the surface, safely floating on her back, breathing normally.

Young boy floating on back in pool fully clothed

Nicole Friel

We were playing near the edge of the lake when Archer lost his balance, fell, and tumbled down a 3 foot embankment into the lake. My heart sank when I heard the splash, as I honestly did not expect him to roll all the way to the water. As I made it to the edge of the embankment and caught the first glimpse of my soggy toddler, he bellowed out "Mama!" There was my two year old, floating motionless on his back like a perfect starfish, just as he had practiced during each of his lessons at Swim•Float•Swim!

From Carey Pardee

...The pond came into view, and there was Saxon, not submerged on the bottom, but floating on her back on the surface of the water She was wearing overalls with a long sleeve shirt underneath.

Graphic stating we want to hear self rescue stories

We Want Your Survival Swim Self Rescue Stories

Does Survival Swim actually save lives? Some say no and others have stories to tell that say YES! If you...