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Photo of rip current in ocean

What is a Rip Current?

Do you know what a rip current is? Can you spot one if you see it? What do you look for and how do you get out

Parents and children in water

Water Baby Culture: Is It Dangerous For Our Littles?

Water Babies. We all want our kids to be one! We want them to love the water! But is it really safe to be teaching them confidence in the water before teaching them to be competent in it?

Mermaid tails reduce your child's swimming ability by 70%

Pool Danger

You and your kids head down to the local pool and, as soon as they are sunscreened, your son or daughter excitedly grabs their toys and jumps right in. Now, what’s wrong with this picture? Nothing- as long as your child has the CORRECT toys.

Ethan holding Judah in ICU

Drowning: The Silent Killer

What is it like to drown? What are the five stages of drowning? Read this very personal and poignant piece from Judah's big brother, Ethan.

Turning Knowledge into Action Clip Art

Drowning Statistics

What do you know about childhood drowning? Read this article for some very sobering statistics!

Swim Instructor Guiding Child

Survival Swim vs. Traditional Lessons

How do Survival Swim Lessons compare with Traditional Swim Lessons, and which is appropriate for your child? Read to find out!

Toddler jumpin in pool

The Truth About Kids Swim Vests

Toddler swim vests are dangerous. This article explains why.