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Christina Chao

Thank you for using your tragedy to help inform the public to save more children. My heart goes out to any mama who lost a baby. I did not realize how bad these were but it makes sense. 

And you are right about that split second. I had my two toddlers at a family pool last summer. My FIL who was helping, got distracted by a phone call. I had just dried off my 2 yr old son and turned to get my daughters shoes out of the bag. Then I heard a cousin yell “Your Son, your son!!!”. In a few seconds, he had ran back into the pool and was already fully submerged when I saw him. Thankfully I pulled him up before he took a breath, but it put the fear of God in me and reminded me to be extra diligent no matter what when it comes to water. I know now all it takes is a SECOND. Oh, and yes, they were both wearing puddle jumpers right before. In some stores it was about the only device for my toddlers’ weight, I did notice how awkward it made their necks and such.