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Congratulations Corry McCoy

Three men standing in front of American flag. Center man is Corry McCoy.

Corry McCoy was on vacation in Destin Florida this past summer. While on a boat with his family, he heard a man begging for help. He looked out and saw that the current of the ocean had taken a man and his nephew way too far from their boat. As they struggled to swim to get back to their boat they said they started swallowing the ocean water and quickly felt like they were going to black out. They thought they were going to drown. 

Corry instantly recognized what was happening, grabbed two life jackets and jumped off his own boat to swim to the dad and nephew. He then put the life jackets on them and helped them both to their boat safely. He is being given this hero award tonight in honor of his courage and bravery and selfless action that led to two lives saved from certain tragedy that day.