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Congratulations, Greg Illich!

Greg is a public affairs officer with the Texas State Guard and dresses up as Captain America and visits children in the hospital, as he puts it, “to discover what their super powers are”. When Greg was 7 years old he read his father’s book called the “Blue Jacket Manual” and in that book was information about how to survival float. He said he practiced that in the pool when he could and would count how long he could hold his breath under water. A while later, his family and he went out on a boat and he decided he would wear his life jacket that day. His 5-year-old brother jumped out of the boat and began drowning. Greg saw him and jumped in after him. He put the life jacket on his brother and began to survival float while keeping his brother over him to keep his head above water. Shortly after they were both rescued. It was because of Greg’s courage at just 7 years old that his brother is alive today! We honor you Greg!