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CPR Wrap – A Lifesaving Tool

The day of Judah’s accident, when I found him lifeless in the water, I completely froze. Every ounce of CPR training that I had been given over years and years of working with kids was quickly engulfed with absolute terror and in that single instant I couldn’t use any of it. Was it because I am a bad person or a bad mom…maybe I was a coward? 

I had been able to use my skills in a crisis situation once before this, so I know it wasn’t any of those things. Why then, could I not use these same skills when I needed them the most, with my own baby?

It’s because I am HIS mom. 

At that moment, I had just found MY OWN child, face down and dying in a swimming pool. I wasn’t some detached passerby that could stop and access the logical part of their brain to use learned skills and render aid. I was HIS MOMMA whose heart and soul were so overwhelmed at the sight of my child in that water that I could process absolutely NOTHING in that moment. 

I remember my brain screamed at my body to move-to do something…but all I could do was open my mouth and let out a desperate scream for help. I literally could NOT make myself move….I went straight into shock.

I will never forget the fact that I froze that day. I will never forgive myself for that either. 

As many of you already know, one of the things we do at Judah Brown Project is to regularly host CPR classes. We do this in hopes of making sure that these skills are so ingrained in your brain that they will be able to override a situation like what happened to me that day. BUT there are still barriers. We can’t reach everyone this way. We also can’t ensure that in a crisis, the recall will absolutely 100% be there. On top of that, many people can’t afford the classes.  

Annette and I recently found something that could help with all of these issues. It’s called CPR Wrap and we are very thankful to find that something like this exists. 

Basically, it’s an instruction manual and a map of how to do CPR, all in one. 

You get one (they come in a small package that is easy to slip into a purse, bag, glove compartment or first aid kit), open it up and lay it on the individual in crisis. The overlay tells you exactly where to put your hands for compressions AND exactly what to do-no memory recall required. Anyone can use it.

Pictures of CPR Wrap, which lays on the chest to show person giving CPR where to compress and breathe.

They come in sizes infant, child and adult and they are an AMAZING resource to have on hand. I am a walking, breathing testament to the fact that you truly DO NOT KNOW when you will need it. 

I wish so much that I had this with me when Judah’s accident happened. I think if I could have had a guide, I would have been able to break out of my trauma response and perform CPR that day and given my child just a few extra seconds of air. In a time of crisis like that, sometimes what is needed to override the fight/flight (or freeze) response is direct instruction. If I had had that, I think it would have changed so much…

If you want to get a set of CPR Wraps like I now have, you can get them:

https://cprwrap.com or scan our QR Code!

Please note that JBP does NOT receive anything for this endorsement. We just believe in saving lives and we believe this tool could help do that. 

We love CPR Wrap, their mission and what they are doing to save lives. We join them in their mission.

We hope this information helps someone. Working together is how we can save little lives!!