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We went on a vacation to the Philippines and had our church wedding there. The next day, we celebrated our twins’ third birthday at a resort. Our twins have been learning to swim consistently for at least a year and a half, but on that event, family members placed a puddle jumper on them and for about 2 hours they played in the pool with their cousins. We took out their puddle jumpers and sang them a happy Birthday. Fed them cake and started saying good bye to family who came.

I went to get their nanny and happened to be with one of the twins then heard a scream.  Ezra, was face down in the pool.  My uncle did CPR and was able to revive him within two minutes. His color came back to normal and he threw up and cried a lot. We Rushed him in the hospital and we don’t know why he got worse from there. He was brain dead twice on the fifth day, and we donated his organs.

He became the Philippines’ youngest organ donor and saved three lives. Ezra passed away November 11th 2022 and leaves behind a twin brother. CCTV revealed that everything from him jumping in the water to being given cpr and revived took 5 minutes. The resort did not have a lifeguard, was dark and did not have fencing. We are broken forever. We miss our little boy every second of everyday. Ezra forever 3.