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Heaven Cole

We went on a trip to the Great Wolf lodge, where I saw these type of flotation devices. My once terrified of the pool toddler was having the best time of his life and was fearless. He finally had the freedom he wanted to have in the water. We started using this device after our purchase. May 6th, super cute had a Dinosaur he loved it. We continued swimming probably a few times a week. His confidence was out of this world.

June 11th 2022 Bodhi decided he absolutely had to go swimming. He broke out of the house we were staying in to get to the pool, he thought he could swim. He got into the pool just like he would in this device feet down. Bodhi sunk right to the bottom. He was only unaccounted for 5 minutes. I was the one who found him, dove in, pulled him out. Did CPR for 23 minutes I was able to get his heart beat back but there was to much damage done. The prior day, we had his friends over and had the best day ever in the pool all day.