How We Help




Many families are never told that drowning is one of the leading causes of death for children ages 1-4. We provide informational literature to peditricians to share with families to educate them about drowning so their child doesn't become a victim. We provide informational literature to families, pediatricians, caregivers, city officials, safety advocacy groups, and schools, as well as offering in person and online trainings for each of these groups.
With generous donations from our supporters, we provide funding for infant and toddler survival skills swim training and CPR certification classes for parents of young children. As we grow, our goal is to provide as many low-cost or no-cost classes to those in our community who need it as possible.
We work to ensure that both our website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook presence are valuable sources of information about childhood drowning prevention.  We attend expos, festivals, openings and various other venues to have the opportunity to inform families about water safety.