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JBP partners with No Floaties Campaign

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Judah Brown Project has teamed up with Morada Segura  and MANY survival swim instructors, parents and foundations to create the “No Floaties” campaign. 

The campaign exists to educate parents on the dangers of using puddle jumpers and other flotation devices with young children. 

We want you to understand that using these devices inadvertently teaches the children that they can float on their own, when it’s really the device that keeps them up, and not their own ability. 

We want you to understand that these devices teach the children that when they get into water, they should get into the vertical (drowning) position in the water, and not a lifesaving,  horizontal, floating position.

We want you to know that the majority of drownings happen when swim time is over and no one is supposed to be in the water and that many kids will sneak back to it if they can. 

When they do, because they have learned the drowning position from the position the puddle jumper has put them in, and because they now believe that they can float with their own ability when they actually can’t, they are set up for a drowning accident. 

We want to help you choose to teach your children to float and survive instead. 

If you would like to join in our efforts, by teaching other parents these things and by collecting their puddle jumpers, water wings and other floaties, so that they won’t end up on another child in the water, let us know! WE NEED YOU!

Anyone can do this: traditional swim instructors, survival swim instructors, parents, foundations, and anyone who cares about young children! All we ask is that you provide us with a location, days and times where you would be willing for people to bring you their devices, when they are ready to part with them. 

Visit our partner’s website at: https://nofloaties.org/