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Judah Brown Project Supports Rory the Warrior at Event – The Facts

“Along with vendors and demonstrations from first responders, a few nonprofits opperated booths in order to raise awareness about different topics. Among these were VOW 22, a nonprofit dedicated to veteran suicide prevention, and the Judah Brown Project, a foundation that raises money to provide swimming lessons and drowning prevention information to families in the community.

“We have information in over 250 pediatric offices. We try to focus on the prevention side and educate parents. It’s the No. 1 cause of accidental death in young children and we didn’t know about it,” said Christi Brown, Judah’s mother.

Like Rory, Judah Brown was 3 years old when he drowned during a visit to an apartment pool with his family, Brown said.

Judah’s preschool teacher Annette Courtney founded the Judah Brown Project in his memory. His mother then got involved with spreading awareness and making sure her message and Judah’s story were heard all over the state.”