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Megan O’Toole – Drowning Survivor

I just wanted to share my story. I had a very very near drowning at about 3-4 years old vacationing with my family. I somehow wondered off and jumped into the condos swimming pool (no lifeguard on duty) I sunk to the bottom not understanding why I wasn’t floating like I normally do, screaming underwater for my mom and dad for help. Then passed out. A young lady saw me floating as she was hanging her towel and rushed down to get me out.

I thank god for her. My mom took a CPR class earlier that spring and performed CPR on me. I’m very very lucky to be have been saved. And not only that had no brain damage or complications. I believe time was on my side. Had I been under that water another 2-4 minutes my outcome would have been different. I’m so sorry for your loss of Judah. I wholeheartedly support no floats. Back in the 90s it was those arm floats. That’s what I “thought” I had on. More awareness needs to be made on every aspect. Thanks for all that you do. -Megan O’Toole-Facebook

Mother and Child sitting on inflatable in pool