Current Scholarship Needs

Nolan is 3 years old loves the water! As his mom, I know that this is the most risky time for him to be around water and I deeply want to keep him safer around it. But for my family, it is not possible to afford the life saving lessons that he needs on a regular basis. I deeply want my baby to be safer around the water and I thank Judah Brown for giving him this opportunity to find a sponsor. You will never know how much this would mean to our family!
Violet is needing sponsoring because my husband and I are both in the processes of new career opportunities in which we have been struggling financially. We have been wanting to get Violet into swim lessons for quite sometime now, but having extra funds has not allowed for it! We want her to be able to have fun around water, but learn how to be safe and have the knowledge of what to do if something were to happen. Sponsorship can help ease our worries and keep Violet safe!