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Yalisha Reed – Mom of Non-Fatal Drowning Survivor

Judah gave Girl Sittingmy daughter a reason to push through. At first I believe she questioned her very existence (no knowledge of her father as he chooses to be absent, a disability, & survivor of a life altering event…a non-fatal drowning). We knew you before Judah. So she connected. Until that day I saw your plea for prayers on social media. Meghan felt confident in his survival. He had 2 parents who loved him, he was happy and full of life. Then the news came. I grieved and Meghan grieved questioning God. Why did she survive?

Joining Judah Brown Project as a volunteer and sharing her story gave her confidence and fight. She’s finding her purpose. She’s an amazing water watcher. I can’t take her to places with water and kids without hearing the statistics. She gets angry when she sees not enough eyes on kids near water. Taking the CPR class through Judah Brown Project gave her additional knowledge and drive to promote safety. I’m thankful for the confidence and knowledge this organization has given my daughter.  She speaks his name often when sharing her story. Just know, at one point she wouldn’t tell anyone why or how she became disabled with her brain injury and seizure disorder. But God knew to connect the dots. Judah’s story will live on and save lives forever. Meghan won’t stay silent. My Meghan is a survivor, and is now fighting for the safety of lives lost due to drownings and lack of knowledge shared throughout the world. I light up with hope when I hear her speak his name.